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What does a Crossborder SE do?

Crossborder SE is C&I's term for our IT-trained bilingual employees who are able to work at an IT worksite using both Japanese and English to facilitate communication. Crossborder SEs typically have a TOEIC score of 800 or more and many have experience living, studying or working overseas.
Upon joining the company, employees who desire to be a Crossborder SE are given basic IT training over 2 months and then sent out to use their IT and language skills at the worksite of one of our customers. At the worksite, Crossborder SEs are involved in many activities including helpdesk work, translation and interpretation and server configuration and maintenance.

Extracurricular Events and Activities

C&I employees participate in all Zeus Enterprise events with members from all other divisions of Zeus Enterprise. As a company we hold events year round so that our employees can stay in touch, build friendships and just have a great time socializing. Some of C&I's extracurricular activities are explained below.

・ English Discussion

Once a month C&I employees get together with our native-speaker trainer and have an English Discussion. At the discussion we talk about life and work and have mini-lessons on English idioms and advanced vocabulary that help us improve our TOEIC scores.

・ New Year Party

At the beginning of every year Zeus Enterprise has a big New Year Party. There are performances by Idol groups, the company band and the company dancers and a giant raffle full of fun prizes.

・ Boat Cruise

Employees who have scored highly on their performance reviews enjoy a boat cruise and dinner with prizes being awarded to those who did particularly well.

・ Sports Day

Once a year all divisions of Zeus Enterprise participate in a sports day. The activities are light and fun and the day is capped off with a BBQ dinner and drinks.

・ Summer Party

In summer the company books out the Hanayashiki amusement park for its Summer Party. It's a great chance to have a drink, go on some rides, see old friends and meet new people.